The Battle Continues to be fierce

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CSS Battle in progress!

I am fast learning to respect all of the work that goes into making a nice looking and solidly responsive website. Having relied upon wizards in the past to help get things moving, I thought this was going to be a snap. Cue hubris… It quickly became clear that our website would not have that “special” look by just relying on a few simple “out of the box” switches and images. Well, that meant in order to make wizard elements, not so wizardy takes a LOT of custom CSS, and a lot of patience….

I’ve visited W3 schools more than a few times during my journey, it’s been real eye opening. Much respect for the folks that battle with this language daily.

Despite all of the frustration, wrestling, cursing, and battling, I must say things are looking less wizardy, and that means this battle seems to be soon over.

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