Classic Wargaming Anytime

Realms of Conquest is a turn-based wargame where you build, customize, and command armies in PVP battles online.

Game Features

Tabletop Meets Desktop

Enjoy an authentic tabletop gaming experience enhanced with the power of video games. Watch as your armies spring to life with rich sound, visual effects, and animations.

Easy to Play, Challenging to Master

Intuitive and simple controls get you into the action quickly. A deep and nuanced battle system, along with an ever-growing community of skilled players offers plenty of challenging fun. rs.

Build and Customize Your Army

Create an army that suits your unique command style. With an always expanding selection of troops, you can craft the perfect force to answer any threat.

All Action, No Grind

Enjoy fast and bloody conflicts and battle-focused play. No fighting with dice, figuring out the math or looking up rules.



Battles start with careful set up. Deploy your troops to best execute your desired battle plan.


Getting troops into an effective formation is critical to gaining the upper hand in board control. Use rotation, frontages, advancement, and tactical retreats to secure the front lines.

Melee Combat

Once in position, it’s time to strike your opponents down! Pay close attention to the combat modifiers. They provide detailed insight into each exchange. Knowing each unit’s strengths determines whether you gain the advantage, or suffer a painful defeat.


Shooting and Ranged Combat

Smart commanders know how to leverage range to weaken and destroy distant enemies. The battle system offers several distinct varieties of ranged combat, from traditional bows, to heavy-hitters like the powerful blunderbuss.



Magic or “Essence” is a special trait possessed by certain heroes and other elite units. Strategic and timely use of these powerful abilities is the key to turning the tide of battle in your favor.


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